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High Performance Computing (HPC) refers to the practice of aggregating computer power through utilization of hardware and software tools. This practice enables the execution of large scalar computation which can focus on mathematical equation, graphics rendering and other forms of computation and simulations.

In provisioning and support, the Singapore University of Technology and Design considers two approaches, centralization and distributed. The Titan HPC aims to support complex requirements from researchers, post docs, faculties and other users through centralized system and these computation are distributed to an array of computing cluster that contains hardware and software systems inlined with the current technology.

Titan refers to great, powerful or influential person. This name originates from Greek Mythodology that refers to one family of giants of Uranux and Gaea. This represents the TITAN @ SUTD. The system ought to be huge in terms of its scalability, performance and usability. It aims to provide big impact on how our users accomplish their task smoothly and fast.

You can explore more about titan by visiting this page.