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  1. How to become user and get started?
    1. Please fill in this user register forms and we will be creating a user for you. User name and password shall send to you via email.
  2. How do I get started?
    1. Login to Hermes or this URL (In campus network or SUTD VPN only)
    2. Get your username and password from your email. Hermes admin will send it to you once created. Email for any further inquiry.
    3. Create an SSH Key-pair (If you are using Linux VM)
      1. Go to “Accounts”
      2. At “Select View” choose “SSH Key Pairs”
      3. Click “Create a SSH Key Pair” button
      4. Fill and the “name” and leave public key blank and then click “Ok” button
      5. Copy the text from private key section start with. Something like below
        •  —–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—–MIICXQIBAAKBgQCD0cM8ipI90kvvJRFkMXQ47+0YpzIoQ0JURm9Eip0f09RcbpEm
        • —–END RSA PRIVATE KEY—–
      6. Save your private key into a text file, rename it nicely such as “hermes-chenglim.pem”
    4. Create an VM for yourself
      1. Go to “Instance”
      2. Click “add instances” button
        1. Choose “SUTD Cloud” and “template”
        2. Select an Operating System Template (Default Ubuntu 16.04), fill in a root disk size say 40GB
        3. Choose your VM capacity (Default Medium instance 2 cores 8GB)
        4. Additional disk offering (Default “No Thanks”)
        5. Choose your affinity (Default none and we don’t encourage you use it too)
        6. Choose your network (Default public net)
        7. Choose your SSH key pair
        8. Review (Please fill in your optional name prefer format is [user name]_[vm name], example chenglim_ubuntuvm)
      3. Click “Launch VM”
  3. If the VM is created successfully, you can now use your private key to login to the VM
    1. Copy and paste the the RSA private key text into your ~/.ssh/id_rsa using your favorite text editor
    2. Change the permission to 0600 by issuing this command “chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa
    3. You can get your VM IP from Hermes website
      1. Choose “Instances”
      2. Choose your VM by clicking the name
      3. Goto “NICs” tab and copy down your ip address, it should be start with 10.1.5.x
    4. Launch your favorite SSH client or Terminal and ready to login to your VM
      1. #ssh -X ubuntu@10.1.5.x
  4. Alternate to Step 3.
    a. Download putty from
    b. Load saved private key file into Puttygen and convert it into ppk file by selecting “Save private key”.
    c. Lastly, load private key (ppk file) into Putty and Launch Putty with login as ubuntu@10.1.5.x
  5. What if I hit any problem?
    1. You can email for technical support. Please also try your best to describe the error message, so that we can help you with less questions.