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  1. What’s Hermes?
    1. Hermes is SUTD on premise cloud that allows you to have a always on high end machine.
  2. What’s Apache Cloudstack?
    1. Apache Cloudstack is a tools to create SUTD on premise cloud offering.
  3. What’s Virtual Machines?
    1. Virtual machine is a way to isolate a bigger machine and allow multiple users to use it for different purpose with lower virtual machine.
  4. What is private/public key pairs?
    1. You can find an explanation here from wiki.
    2. In short, you have a public key publish to everyone, anyone want to send you any message, they use your public key to encrypt. Then only you will hold the private key, and only you can use your private key to decrypt the message.
    3. For your virtual machine, that desire login account will hold your public keys, and you will hold your private keys, and you will use your private keys to login to your account without password.
    4. For above reasons, you shall safeguard your own private key file, it is like you password or bank account pin number.
    5. In case you feel that your private/public key pairs are compromised, you shall generate a new key pairs.
  5. Why you need a private/public key pairs?
    1. SSH RSA Keypairs is longer than any average password. So it is harder to guess.