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To register as a new Athena user, please click Registration. Please wait for DGX Admin to email you the username and password after that.

If you are new to docker/nvidia-docker or DGX-1 please refer to this user guide

House rules:

  1. Prefer you only run production code on Athena. No debugging on Athena and use Dev Boxes (Apollo) instead. To request access, please write to DGX admin at
  2. Always name your docker container with [username]_[containername], for example, “chenglim_tensorflow1” so that DGX Admin is easier to contact you.
  3. Shut down containers after used to clear GPU memory. Don’t leave your container running while you are not working.
    1. $ docker stop [container_id]
    2. $ docker rm [container_id]
  4. Always mount your /dgxdata/[username] directory in your docker container, be considerate while using / (root) disk space.
  5. If you are working on something at Athena, please check slack chat and email regularly for any announcements.



Quick Tutorial:


To start a new container

  1.  $ NV_GPU=4,5 nvidia-docker run -d --user 0 -it -v /dgxdata/chenglim:/data --name clteo_tf 
  2. “NV_GPU=4,5” I want to isolate my GPU to be GPU number 4 and 5 only
  3. “-d” I will run my container using docker detach mode, or run in background mode
  4. “-user 0” mapping of my host uid to container uid 0 (or root)
  5. “-it” interactive mode with tty
  6. “-v /dgxdata/chenglim:/data” Map host path of /dgxdata/chenglim to container path /data
  7.  “–name clteo_tf” give container a name, later could refer to it using name


From host machine to go into a docker container

$ docker exec -it clteo_tf /bin/bash 
  1. “-it” interactive mode with tty
  2. “/bin/bash” with entry point of /bin/bash as my interactive shell


To stop a new container and remove a container

$ docker stop clteo_tf 
$ docker rm clteo_tf